The Plan

I want to go take makeup classes next summer in LA and look for a place to live in thousand oaks so that I can go to CLU next school year and be a music major/business minor. Then I might go back to LA and take more makeup classes the next summer and hopefully finish out at CLU the next school year. Maybe then I’ll stay one more summer in LA or somewhere completely random before either moving back home or moving somewhere that I’d actually like to live. But basically, the plan is to live in the LA area for two years starting either next summer or next fall. 

After that, I’ll either find a school that I can basically shadow the music teacher at or find a music shop that I can teach lessons at and work at and that will basically decide where I live - based on where I can get a job. (I’ll also find another job on the side that I will actually be earning money with.)

If I can’t get either of those jobs, I’ll just move back home and hopefully I’ll still know whoever took over for my high school band director and they will agree to let me shadow them - free of pay, of course - and I’ll try to get a job at Kline’s or something and start teaching people I meet and put flyers up and stuff. 

But, if I could do anything, I would be a high school concert band director and also work in the drama department and help with the makeup department. 

We will see what happens. I’ll probably just work at Macy’s forever. 

So you’re saying you haven’t seen my purple hair?
I’m used to it
The saddest thing you can hear someone say. (via suckingonlarry)

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So we were supposed to be there at 930 and I thought I was going to be late because I didn’t get off work until 830 and I had to go the opposite way to pick up Dasha but I somehow drove home, got ready, picked up Dasha, and drove all the way to laguna in less than an hour. Then, right when we got there, I got a text from Katriel saying that she had to get a ride from fred because she couldn’t find her keys. Then, at 945, I get a text from katriel saying she’s on her way - 15 minutes after she is supposed to be there. It didn’t matter because we had to wait like 20 minutes for our table anyways. But, when we finally got seated, I realized how terrible our group was. We had three guys next to me who only talked to each other. Our side of five who talked to each other and then Joe and Katriel who pretty much only talked to each other and Fred and Blayke who only talked to each other. Of course, everyone at some point would talk to someone else but for the most part, that was it. Thankfully the two girls Katriel brought were over on my side and were cool so I got a good side of the table. That’s what made it better than I expected.
But then! We were supposed to go bowling afterwards. Not really everyone, but some of us. It was going to end up just being Katriel, blayke, gabe, and I but as we were on our way there, katriel called me asking if we wanted to go line dancing instead.
NOW LET ME TELL YOU A THING. I hate line dancing. I’ll go. But I won’t like it. It hurts, and it’s hard, and people are mean. I’d rather not go. And katriel knows this. But you see, Katriel and blayke are better friends than Katriel and I or blayke and i so they’ll do whatever they want regardless of what my preference is.
So now, here I am at home. No gas in my car, and no friends to hang out with. But at least I got to get dressed up.

I am totally fine with last minute plans and everything but like, we had this semi planned out to go bowling and now you’re trying to change it to something that two of the four people want to do. That’s not cool. I mean, I get that that’s what you guys would rather do but go on another night.

I’m sorry, can someone explain this to me? 1. How are either of these two punk or goth? Punk, maybe. But goth? Definitely not. 2. What does rockabilly have to do with punks or goths? Rockabilly is just what it sounds like: hillbilly rock music. It’s basically super stereotypical southern/country music with a giant splash of rock and roll. 3. How the hell do either of the 3 things go together? The picture-rockabilly-the definition. Am I missing something?

Junior year, the guy I was going out with dropped me like the devil would drop a spirit stick because I was “playing games” with him. So now, I try to be as straightforward and honest with my feelings as I can.

So, I apologize now if I am too forward with you when it only takes me one night of movies and donuts to tell you that I like you or possibly decide that you are just a really cool guy that needs to see more movies but not hold my hand during them.

I just don’t want to lose someone else that I like for a bullshit reason again.

Dear head,
please stop ruining my fun with your headaches.
Love, the girl always taking naps instead of partying


Omfg. A fuckin infant just said “hi, sir!” from her stroller as I walked by. I’m dead. She was probably too little to even walk. Too much cute shit today.

I waved to a little girl through our front desk window today and after she waved back she proceeded to flip me  off quite dramatically for the next three minutes.

who goes around being perfect like that?

wearing taco shirts

talking to girls you don’t know at bbqs

adding them on facebook a couple days later

being in a band that toured California

making her fall in love with that band

being manager at denny’s

telling the girl your band broke up a while back

messaging the girl every day on facebook

making girls forget about their boyfriends

wearing taco shirts.

I’ve got a lot of fake friends. Friends who don’t hang out with me because “they’ve got a lot of studying to do” but have been hanging out with the same people all week – clearly not studying. Friends who cancel plans for stupid reasons but then end up going and hanging out with their other friends. Friends who want me to keep going out with this guy, who I have complained about so much, just so I can carpool with their boyfriend to come visit them.

But fuck that.

I’ve got one friend who is always there for me when I really need her to be and I’ll always be there for. Sure, she cancels plans sometimes to hang out with other people, but she always lets me know that that is the reason why – because she already had plans with these other people. She always listens to me whenever I complain about anyone or anything and always knows what to say or not to say.